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The Open-Office Trap : The New Yorker
Open offices are horrible. Shame I work in one at the moment.
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Goodnight. Sleep Clean. –
Sleep is for your cerebral fluid to clear away the accumulated junk. Maybe.
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What is frame?
“My best definition is that its a social convention for how we hold our bodies so our partner knows where we are in space.” I like 619shepard’s comment because it’s less about modelling people as springs and more about how there are conventions which are taught (some of which will involve behaving like a mass on a spring some of the time, to be sure).
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Bill Nye tests the benefits of swing dancing –
Bill Nye the Science Guy is a swing dancer. He extols the virtues of dancing in a short interview.
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RDFRS: Secular VIP of the Week: God on Facebook
The man who plays God on Facebook. I’ve already Liked the page: it’s funny to see him responding to religious people who get offended, usually with much more grace than they show him.
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  1. > Open offices are horrible.

    “the new space was disruptive, stressful, and cumbersome, and, instead of feeling closer, coworkers felt distant, dissatisfied, and resentful.”

    I’m not nearly so negative. I worked for 17 years in a variety of 1 and 2 person offices, and they have disadvantages too. I don’t feel its stressful, though it can be distracting, and it can also be informative.

    It depends an awful lot on what you’re up to. If you’re actually trying to concentrate hard, open is bad. I think most people (well, certainly me) end up doing not-thinking-deeply tasks during the day and the actual thinking when its quieter. Arguably, that’s an inefficient way to use people’s time.


    1. Yeah, it’s bad for thinky jobs. As you know, with the atrium running between all the floors and opening directly onto the office space (no glass, unlike your place), the noise really carries.

      What I liked was working in Milton House, where project teams tended to get a room per team (in the old house that was, they also had some open plan offices in an extension). That way, you’re sat near the team and can overhear relevant conversations, but you’re not distracted by noise from everyone else.


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