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“Woke” is a new ideology and its proponents should admit it
“What I find most fascinating about the wokeness culture war – and what makes it interesting – is that it is incredibly difficult to define what it is actually about.” I largely agree with this piece: it’s a new-ish thing (although not that new, it was around in LiveJournal days before catching on more widely) and it’s fair enough to identify it and give it a name.
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  1. I don’t think O’Malley’s point is particularly about _giving it a name_, and I say so much the better for O’Malley’s article, because it already had a name before it was called “woke”: it was called “social justice”. I think the only reason why “woke” has taken over, especially among the “anti-woke”, is that if you call something “woke” it sounds kinda silly and disreputable, whereas if you call something “social justice” it sounds noble and reasonable, and if you’re against it you want to give it a name more suitable for mockery. I’d be happier if it had a more neutral name, but those are hard to come by.


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