June 2011

Atheism Is the True Embrace of Reality – Paula Kirby – The Hibernia Times – RichardDawkins.net

Paula Kirby is a Scottish freelance journalist who used to be a Christian. She recently wrote a couple of good short articles on why she isn't one any more.
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Virtual currency: Bits and bob | The Economist

Bitcoin is a distributed digital currency, which hit the news recently after someone set up a site where you could buy illegal drugs using it. This Economist article is a great introduction to how it works.
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Charlie Brooker: Why idolise footballers? It’s like living in a world where half of us worship shire horses | Comment is free | The Guardian

"It's like living in a world in which half the population has inexplicably decided to worship shire horses. But as if that wasn't strange enough, they're not content to simply admire the animals' ability to pull brewery wagons: they also want to know what the horses get up to back at the stables. And when Dobbin goes on a hay-eating binge, or tries to mount a donkey, not only will they voraciously read all about it, they'll judge him for it."
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