About this blog

This blog started off over at LiveJournal. I moved away from LJ in March 2013. All of my original LiveJournal postings now appear here, along with their comments. I also mirror stuff to Dreamwidth as they’re more trustworthy than LJ. If you know me, add me there for occasional friends-only stuff.

I use this site as my public blog, to talk about stuff I find interesting: religion, philosophy, science, and, occasionally, dancing (I do both ballroom dancing and lindyhop, though more lindy than ballroom these days).

I also post my bookmarks in batches every week or so, in the link blog category. If you want to avoid those and just see the proper public blog entries, try the blog category.

If you want a quick list of the stuff I’m most proud of having written, try the “best of” tag.

Commenting on my blog

You’re welcome to join in the discussion. Note that this blog’s anti-spam defences mean that you’ll need Javascript enabled to comment.

Comments are threaded, so replying to an individual comment will continue that thread. To start a new thread, reply to the post itself.

I don’t have a moderation policy except the one I borrowed from Wikipedia, namely Don’t be a dick. I’d like discussion to be as open as possible, and that occasionally means it’ll be “robust”, but don’t be gratuitously evil.

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