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macos – Missing Wifi interface after upgrade to Catalina – Ask Different
I fixed my ancient (2015) Macbook Pro’s wifi using this trick, after suddenly finding it wouldn’t turn on and reported weird “from localizable strings” text in the Network area on System Preferences. As I’m on Big Sur, I had to copy the files into /Library/ instead, but that worked fine. The Macbook lives to fight another day.
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Omicron Has Created Two New COVID Attitudes – The Atlantic
“Why More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done’” I think I’m about 80% vaxxed and done: 3x vaxxed, I’m basically not holding back on much, but indoor events with lots of people have to be things I’d really like to do (dancing!) and I’m happy enough to (obey the law and) wear a mask in settings people have little choice about entering, such as public transport or shops.
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Coronavirus: Government’s Covid vaccine data ‘providing material for conspiracy theorists’ | News | The Times
“Statisticians lambasted the Health and Security Agency for its weekly vaccine surveillance report, which erroneously suggests that vaccines make you more likely to contract Covid.” The denominator problem explained.
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KimberStormer comments on September 2021 Site update, includes membership graphs
Best comment on Metafilter’s slow death I’ve seen so far (not on the site itself, of course): “But what this doesn’t take into account is why governments and countries and elite clubs should be integrated. It’s because of jobs and money and power. But there is no economic benefit to joining metafilter. This doesn’t mean it’s pointless or bad to stop people from using ethnic slurs or whatever. But it means that there isn’t anyone clamoring to get in. There aren’t a bunch of trans Indonesian zoomers longing to join metafilter if only it wasn’t so hostile. All the BIPOC committees and moderation in the world can’t create them out of thin air.”
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