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How Corpses Helped Shape the London Underground
Gruesome but interesting.
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Why we need to sleep in total darkness
Blue light at night is bad. Any light is probably a bit bad. Time to get some blackout curtains (although I think they make it harder to wake up).
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Reading Genesis 1 “Literally” | Scribalishess
Susan Pigott, a professor specialising in the Old Testament, gives her literal reading of Genesis 1, and shows how it both borrows from and reacts against other cosmologies which were around at the time. Via Unreasonable Faith.
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  1. Looks like quakery to me.

    > But LAN unnaturally elevates cortisol levels at night, which disrupts sleep

    That’s linked to yet another post at the same site, which is nothing at all to do with light. There’s a previous link to something a neurologist said in a newspaper, but that too is about something different.

    I could find you articles that tell you that cellphones give you cancer.


    1. I kind of believe the blue light thing (to the extent of having installed f.lux) because there are real papers about the effects of that in humans. A lot of the ones referred to in the Wired article seem to be about hamsters, though.


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