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6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person |
The antitode to Nice Guy-ism, among other stuff. Via andrewducker.
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Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued | Kalzumeus Software
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  1. I don’t like that Cracked piece. I mean, Glengarry Glen Ross for goodness sake. How can anyone watch that film, and then think, “Fuck yes, let’s go out and sell some goddamned real estate!” The whole point of the film is that the layoffs are cruel and arbitrary (the two worst-performing salesmen will be fired regardless of whether they are making a profit or loss for the company), and success depends not on your salesmanship, but on your ass-kissing skills (the Glengarry leads are only available to the boss’s favorites), or on your ability to lie and cheat and steal without slipping up. This is a kind of life lesson, I suppose: but surely your response ought to be “I will move heaven and Earth to ensure I never work for a boss like that” and not “I take your point and going forward I will be kissing ass for all I’m worth, just like Shelley Levene.”


    1. I think the only thing the Cracked author wants to take from it is that one needs to be able to do something well. The commenters over there have pointed out that the GGGW guy is an arsehole.


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