Moving my public blog

I’ve moved my public blog to my own site, making good on my threat of 2011 (I don’t like to rush these things). I’m using WordPress. I’ve installed some sort of plugin to cross post to LiveJournal, so you can continue to follow me there if you want: if you’re reading this there, it worked.

I’ll still be reading LJ and probably making friends locked posts about what I’m up to. But all the exciting new rants will be elsewhere.

4 Comments on "Moving my public blog"

  1. BTW it looks like the crossposting plugin is reading the RSS element rather than the actual text of your postings, leading to the versions appearing in LJ being truncated.


    1. That’d be the RSS <description> element, of course. I suppose it’s inevitable that a comment pointing out the mess caused by half-arsed blogging software would be corrupted by half-arsed blogging software.


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