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Cause And Effect: The Revolutionary New Statistical Test That Can Tease Them Apart — The Physics arXiv Blog — Medium
Correlation is causation, sort of.
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Why IS liberal Protestantism dying, anyway?
Religions/denominations which are stricter in their requirements for adherents actually do better.
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  1. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the author of the why-is-lib-prot-dying article that he needs a time-varying explanation. His “explanation” would explain why they didn’t ever grow in the first place, oops.


    1. The initial growth might well be down to denominations not starting off as particularly liberal. Possible explanations of liberalisation include the attempt to get more people in by seeming more relevant (which would backfire according to the article) and the attempt of the educated leadership to find ways to maintain a nominal belief in the face of increasing evidence against it (the other way to do this is to dig in, like the creationists, say).

      I got the link from the ever excellent Scott Alexander. There’s some discussion of a time varying model in the comments there.


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