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Why the Cornish hotel ruling should worry conservative Christians | Andrew Brown | Comment is free |

Andrew Brown on the ruling against a some Christian hoteliers who refused a double room to a gay couple. The Christians would also not allow unmarried straight couples to share a double bed, but the judge made the decision on the basis that the gay couple were civil partners.
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YouTube – crazy watering can

Sort of Russell's Teapot with some bite: a brilliantly edited video. Apparently done as a homework assignment: can you do this stuff on home equipment these days? via mefi.
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  1. “Even devout judges and lawlords seem to have rejected the idea that laws should reflect the Judeo-Christian position.” Well, yes. The sub-editor really should remember to put “and that’s a good thing” or “and that’s a bad thing” at the end of sentences like that 🙂


      1. Hm, I’d say I was tongue in cheek. I mean, I think the journalist was heavily implying one or the other (I may be wrong, but that’s the distinct impression I get), but I was not totally sure which. And I’m always amused at myself when I read most of the way through an article, and realise that most of it was heavily slanted, but my biases were so far from the author’s own that simply by coincidence most of it passed me by.

        I think this was opinion rather than news, and agree it should be clear which is which.


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