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YouTube – Simon Blackburn – The Great Debate: Can Science Tell us Right From Wrong? (6)

I'm reading Blackburn's "Truth" at the moment, and "Being Good" is next on the queue (clearly I should get "Lust" to complete the set). Here he is arguing that Sam Harris is wrong to claim that science can answer all moral questions.
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Chatroulette Founder Andrey Ternovskiy Raises New Funding: “50,000 Naked Men” | Fast Company

Chatroulette makes money of naked guys. Neat hack.
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LessWrong – RationalWiki

What's wrong with Less Wrong, from RationalWiki. I didn't know about the Roko stuff, for example, which seems pretty bizarre. Always useful to see criticism to counteract my fanboy tendencies.
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Double agent | World news | The Guardian

"Norah Vincent spent 18 months disguised as a man. She relives the boys nights out, the bad dates – and what happened when she ended up in bed with another woman." Women don't quite know what dating is like as a guy, it turns out. Or at least, Norah didn't, and ended up being quite sympathetic when she'd tried it 🙂
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  1. As an experiment, I left a comment on Michael Annanninisinamov’s blog, saying it was irresponsible to disclose donors to the cause of Friendly AI becase future Unfriendly AIs might hunt them down or simulate them in hellish suffering forever (there is life eternal within the Eater of Souls), as a TDT deterrent to opposing its goals. He deleted my comment.

    Their core message that the best thing you can do with your live is to give them money to ensure you are saved from damnation, I mean existential risk, kind of makes me wonder if they are not just a variant strain of televangelism adapted to prey on nerds.


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