The reason for the season

At this time of year, my thoughts are inevitably drawn towards the time when He will return. Here’s a video which I hope will explain what I mean, which you should all take a moment to view. If you have any questions, this leaflet should help to answer them, or you could see my previous posting on the subject.

A very Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Edited to add: if you enjoyed that, you’ll probably enjoy the rest: we were listening to them while putting the tree up.

9 Comments on "The reason for the season"

    1. Easy to make 🙂 I can post the pattern if anyone’s interested. Though I think I might make the hat differently next time. Maybe a cute hood like Kenny’s from South Park.


      1. Now I’m wondering how easy it would be to get an FSM tree decoration in the same sort of spirit.

        Or, if that’s too easy, I wonder how one would go about rendering an IPU 🙂


        1. IPU: either put invisible pink unicorn on top of tree or leave it empty (no one will notice the difference) and decorate the rest of the tree in pink to match.

          FSM: Hmmm…. get a ball of cream coloured wool, unwind it and tangle it up for the spaghetti. Two brown pompoms make the meatballs. Two stick-on googly eyes.


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