Trying out the Charm LiveJournal client, as it’ll let me edit postings locally rather than using a web browser, so I can use Vim to edit them. And it’s written in Python, which earns it geek credibility. I suppose I should find something to say while I’m here.

The controversial Drogon sex discussion featured this rather good version of a Madonna song (perfectly safe for work, viewers, but needs Flash and sound).

Should male Cambridge Dancers’ Club members have perse-girl on their list of interests, I wonder?

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  1. Have you tried the Semagic client?

    I am Ellen, 24 from Bath, England and I was just browsing around and wanted to say hi 🙂

    hope you are having a good day!


    1. Subject: Semagic
      Looks like that’s for Windows, so it’s no good to me.

      And hello. How’d you find this journal?


  2. Subject: Alias..
    Just a quick warning – there are very mild Alias spoilers in my latest journal entry.

    Don’t want you shouting at me!


  3. What about all the charming ladies of CDC who are not persies, in whom male CDC members would almost certainly be inetersted?

    (What about the CDC ladies who are interested in perse girls?)

    Should perse girls feature in versions of the Purity Test?


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