I put myself into this LJ Match thing which Thom was on about and found I am 90-something percent compatible with him (sadly he’s the wrong sex and taken, but so it goes). The questions seem to be partly borrowed from the Meyers Briggs test.

Jung apparently thought people would go for their opposite type (presumably this was part of his big “wholeness” thing), which sometimes seems to be true (at least, it was in my last relationship). It’s not clear whether the LJ Match site picks your opposite or just people like you, but I bet it’s the latter.

It’s interesting to see who I’m most like. The whole dating aspect of the site is a bit overplayed for UK LiveJournalers as they want a US zip code. There was only one which sprang to mind immediately, so I’m going to find lots of people near Beverly Hills. Oh yes, Shannon Docherty, here I come. The geek in me wants to tell them they should allow people to supply latitude and longitude and work out distances that way 🙂

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