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John Stump, composer of Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz « Lost in the Cloud
An article about the composer of that spoof piece (with directions like "release the penguins" and "add bicycle").
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Web of Beliefs 2012: Complete Edition –
Peter Hurford’s summary of his beliefs, which links to a lot of his interesting essays. I should do myself one of these, I reckon.
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  1. The ‘web of beliefs’ thing rubbed me up the wrong way quite early on with this sentence:

    Thus I do not have a “web of beliefs” — Rather, I have a set of facts I adopt as the most accurate map of the world I currently have, ready to be discarded if a better map comes along.

    It’s not quite “all you other losers have beliefs, but I know facts“, but it’s quite close, and it also put me rather in mind of “Christianity isn’t a religion”. It sounds as if the author has in mind some sort of pejorative use of “belief”, perhaps intended to indicate an unreasonable willingness to cling to the belief in the face of contrary evidence, but has somehow not managed to notice that lots of people who have beliefs in that sense think that they have the proper attitude of ‘current working assumption always open to update’ and hence it’s pretty optimistic to assume that your ideas that you think are rational working assumptions don’t fall into the same category.


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