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Eurozine – Multiculturalism at its limits? – Kenan Malik, Fero Sebej Managing diversity in the new Europe

Kenan Malik seems pretty sensible: "we need to make the distinction between diversity as lived experience and multiculturalism as a political process", "what I'm attacking is not simply multiculturalism, but also anti-immigrant sentiment, which are two sides of the same coin. Both sides of the debate confuse peoples and values." Via andrewducker.
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Man shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly during Black Swan – Telegraph

I feel we should encourage this sort of thing: even in the Arts Picturehouse, which is relatievly free of chavs, you occasionally get people giving their hilarious running commentary. For example, at a recent screening, when baddie character was lying mangled at the foot of a cliff at the end, a voice behind me said "That's what happens if you're naughty". I was too slow to murmur "That's what happens when you talk in the cinema", alas. L'esprit d'escalier, as they say.
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The Real Fort Smith: The Fact & Fiction Behind True Grit

How much of True Grit was true?
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