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Liberal Conspiracy » Cameron’s Tory critics are deluded beyond belief

"They cannot see that Cameron had to run the party like that so as to distract attention away from the unreconstructed Thatcherite, homophobic, xenophobic, intensely Euro-sceptic, callous, Christian-fundamentalist loon contingents that make up huge chunks of the Tory grass-roots and Parliamentary party." Spot on, and why I didn't want to vote Conservative despite finding Cameron more impressive than any previous Tory leader: despite the TV debates, it wasn't a US Presidential election, but a vote for a party.
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Tall Guy Investigates – The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

An informative comic about the MMR scare.
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  1. I like the comic, but the first panel on page 4 is worded oddly. We’ve just been told that studies subsequent to the one published in The Lancet failed to find any association between MMR and autism, then page 4 begins “This began a global health scare”. The failure to find a link didn’t begin a health scare – there needs to be a “however” in that panel, like “However, Wakefield’s study began a global heath scare” or something similar.

    That jarring note aside, good comic on an issue close to my heart.


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