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AlterNet: What Happened When I Went Undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp

Via Metafilter. Comical yet sad stuff: you do end up really feeling for these guys even as you laugh at the silliness of the camps.
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YouTube – Latin Technique Class – Cha Cha

Walks and locks. Wish my hips did that…
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General election 2010: The liberal moment has come | Comment is free | The Guardian

The Graun comes out for the Libdems. I endorse this message.
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    1. Just saw it on my friends-of-friends list.

      Stroud sounds like a nice person with a bonkers cosmology. As I’ve mentioned before, people tend to forget that full-on Christianity doesn’t just commit you to belief in God, but to a pantheon, with angels and demons and whatnot.

      Perhaps this deserves a top level post…


      1. ‘Pantheon’ isn’t really the right word, unless you consider it to include ‘everything supernatural’ — but even the Greeks and Romans didn’t consider everything supernatural (like centaurs and whatnot) to be part of the pantheon.

        (Not that the Greeks and Romans had the same distinction between ‘supernatural’ and ‘natural’ that we have: they would have seen the gods as being as much a part of the natural order , as much a part of the world in exactly the way Christians don’t see God as being part of the world, as birds and people).



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