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Colin Marshall talks to economist, blogger and rationalist Robin Hanson

"Robin Hanson is a professor of economics at George Mason University, research associate at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and chief scientist at Consensus Point. He’s also the thinker behind Overcoming Bias, a popular blog about issues of honesty, signaling, disagreement, forecasting and the far future, around which a large rationality-centric community has developed on the internet."
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Evangelicals warn: women bishops will ‘put men off ordination’ – Times Online

"They have girl cooties," a spokesman for the Doctrinal Rectitude Trust said today.
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Brainboxes, booze and sex – what a fascinating combination – Telegraph

Ah, Newnham. (Though Celia Warden rightly says that the papers are only interested because of "posh girls shagging" angle).
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  1. That Telegraph piece is a mind-bending piece of conscious hypocrisy. “The only reason newspapers are reporting on this is because of sexism and prurience … oh look, I’m reporting it in a newspaper too, perhaps if I acknowledge the sexism and prurience up front readers will give me a free pass when I indulge in them later on.” (But then, a lot of Telegraph journalism is like this: too right-wing to avoid bigotry, but too intelligent not to be uncomfortable about it.)


    1. Yes, this is why I find the Telegraph more readable than the Times – it is at least _intelligent_ bigotry, which means that so long as I filter out the bigotry I can find the writing interesting.


  2. Overcoming Bias, a popular blog about …

    … the vital need to prevent super-powerful artificial intelligences from taking over the world and destroying humanity.


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