Congenital Optimist

Compare and contrast. I quite like both of them, for different reasons. The first I like because it’s good to be hopeful, and the second for the same reason that many of the CDs I’m ripping into iTunes (did I mention that I really like iTunes?) are by people like Del Amitri, Alanis Morisette (before she went to India) and The Beautiful South.

Off to the Lake District for a week. Hoping it doesn’t rain too much.

Update: I’d like LiveJournal to be able to categorise postings and have a display which shows only those postings in a particular category. Without messing about with styles, the closest I seem to be able to get is the Memories feature. So there are some new links on the sidebar to the left (in this style) to postings of mine and of others which fall under my favourite topics.

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