Dave and Abbie’s wedding was fun. We started in Kew Gardens for the wedding itself, in beautiful surroundings for a charming ceremony. That was the first and only civil wedding in the crop of five (count ’em) weddings this year, and it lacked nothing on the church ceremonies. We then moved on to Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, for the wedding breakfast, and, after some quick furniture removal, for an evening of ballroom dancing.

I took some pictures, as did S. Hers are the well composed portraits, mine are the blurry ones with people half out of shot. You can find them all here. Higher resolution ones are available if anyone wants them.

I’ll run out of superlatives if I try to describe it much further. Suffice to say it was a lovely day.

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      1. I like this one very much:

        I see baby Amelie was enjoying herself, too!
        Not sure about Vesna’s new hair colour, but nice to see the both of them looking well.
        Lovely bridesmaids’ dresses, too. I do think it’s a sign of a bride with good taste when she can put the bridesmaids in good dresses.


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