A packed weekend. “Special” General Dancing on Friday was fun (it was special because it was in a bigger hall and there was a bar, both of which count as good things). Lots of orange people around, all fake tanned in preparation for the Varsity match.

We watched Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night. It was hugely good fun. The new format is pro-celebrity rather than having professional couples dancing against each other. Predictably, the couples where the man was a professional did best. Girls have it so easily in ballroom 🙂 CDC’s own Erin was the best out of the couples with a celeb bloke, with her partner Martin Offiah pulling off a creditable waltz. Full marks to them, nil points to the East Enders “star” who mostly stood there bowlegged while the woman did around fancy stuff around him. Pshaw!

The BBC’s site helpfully points at CDC, but alas, the first news item you see on the CDC site at the moment tells prospective beginners to bugger off and come back next year. Sort it out, readers. Update: they sorted it.

Didn’t watch the Eurovision, we went to Trinity for Formal Hall instead. Our host was most apologetic about the racuous behaviour of the undergraduates, who belted out “Happy Birthday” to one of their friends in 6 part harmony (I think it was a choral get together). I was shocked, I tell you. Bring back the birch and National Service.

CDC’s Tea Dance today was at Downing, which turns out to be a pretty college. Dancing on a sunny Sunday afternoon is a pleasingly civilised experience. The room had a little balcony to disappear onto. All very Jane Austen. We lost Varsity, of course, but I know which club I’d rather be in.

Rounded off the weekend’s cultural delights with a concert from CUSO. I’m not really an expert on classical stuff, preferring death thrash metal, but Elgar’s Enigma Variations was good, and the bassoon concerto from Holloway was interesting.

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  1. My favourite celebs were Martin Offiah and Claire Sweeney, both dancing Waltz which I don’t even usually like. Both had natural grace and flow, although Martin needs to relax a little. CLaire Sweeney did look the most relaxed and happy out there.

    Natasha Kaplinsky had good rhythm, although her nerves were visible and she could have put a little more “oomph” in there. Verona whats-her-name had a good dress but wasn’t working the choreography – it was meant to be a funky cha, all hips and booty and attitude, and she atred at the floor throughout and failed to wiggle. Also some nasty-ass footwork on display.
    In fact, I think you could clearly tell which pros had been giving their partners advice on footwork and which hadn’t! And I know which I prefer. Flashy choreography is one thing, but it’s not going to look good if the feet are ugly.

    I’d quite have liked to see a demo – one of the pro couples in their usual partnership, perhaps dancing one of the dances that was not otherwise featured on the show?

    Anton came across as a bit of a berk, but Erin was lovely.


    1. I think all the male dancers had an overwhelming desire to show that they weren’t effeminate (although “I’m a man’s man” has two meanings, if you think about it). This may be why they came across as a little arrogant. Of course, professional dancers tend to have their fair share of arrogance to start with.

      I think Claire Sweeney and the newsreader woman were my favourite amateur women.


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