Not been posting lately. It’s been a busy few weeks.

<lj-cut text=”Barcelona was excellent.”> Barcelona was lovely. I’d like to add to Terrie and Lise’s rhapsodising about it.

September turned out to be a good time to go. It wasn’t too hot, but we mostly had sun, despite the occasional downpour.

The food and wine were great. Had tapas a few times. Tried Les Quinze Nits, which I think turned out to be the best evening meal we had, and reasonably priced too. Watching the chap in one bar pouring cider from over his head into the glass (to aerate it) was fun too.

Barcelona is a beautiful city, full of tree lined avenues and squares. The Sagrada Familia, the cathedral by Gaudi, was magnificent even in its unfinished state, with detailed carvings all over the place. There’s a good view from the towers, too. I wandered up to the north of where we were staying, into the Gracia district, and found what looked like another Gaudi building, too.

We had a day trip to Montserrat, a monastery on the side of a mountain. Rode a cable car to get to the place, and took a funicular to near the top. Another spectacular view, although I kept well away from the edge 🙂

People are friendly, public transport works, and there’s lots to see. Thanks to Lise and Terrie for organising it.

It’s a shame to be back at work again. Sigh. No big plans for the coming weeks, although I’m sure something will turn up.

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