Solicitor in Cambridge for deposit dispute with former landlord

Can anyone recommend one? One of those free 1 hour consultations would be nice.

Also, if anyone’s got any experience in taking action to get your deposit back, I’d welcome the benefit of your experience. I’m not going to give details in a public forum, but you can get in touch privately (paul AT or Facebook PM me or something) if you want to get into specifics.

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  1. How much deposit? We threatened small claims (which is probably the best option if it’s up to 500 pounds) and then they paid up. But that was before tenancy deposit schemes. If it is a moderately recent tenancy then it should be in a tenancy deposit scheme, which presumably has its own dispute process? Or has that gone wrong already?


    1. The deposit is, I believe, in a TDS. Folk on Facebook say using their dispute procedure is the best way forward if the landlord won’t relent.


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