Dear Lazyweb: Google Reader replacement?

So, those blighters at Google are getting rid of Google Reader at the beginning of July. I currently use it. What should I use instead?

I read my feeds on a variety of devices so it’d need to be something which shows the same subscriptions wherever I’m reading from. That’s probably a web-based reader, I guess.

Most of my feeds contain text rather than pictures. I’ve got them sorted into various folders. Sometimes I read them by folder, sometimes (mostly on my phone) I read them as an uncategorised stream, sometimes I read one feed at a time. I do read on my phone, so it needs to have a decent mobile site or an Android app.

Please advise.

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  1. I use Netvibes as a G-Reader alternative. It’s the RSS feed reader bit of a giant business analytics package, which they make free-as-in-beer to private individuals. It’s web-based, it remembers what you’ve read and what you haven’t, its mobile site works fine on my rather elderly Android phone. It’s pretty flexible at sorting bookmarks according to your preferred schema. (Can’t remember if it calls sub-feeds folders or something else, but same general concept.) It’s pretty reliable, it didn’t fall over when Google first broke the news about removing Reader.

    Its revenue model is charging businesses $500 a month for full-on analytics, so it’s user-as-customer rather than user-as-product, but I imagine that people who are just using it as a free feed reader are not exactly its core business.


  2. I sort of ended up with Feedly. It imported all my Reader stuff, apparently. But for the moment I’m still using Reader; I really ought to be actually trying Feedly. It sort of installed itself in Chrome.


  3. I’m using Feedly. Plus: the interface is very like Google Reader, and it has a smooth migration procedure (just authenticate yourself via your Google account). Minus: no web interface (there are apps for iOS and Android, and a Chrome plugin).


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