Abandon LiveJournal! Wordpress or Pyblosxom?

Stöwer TitanicSo, I’ve been looking into ways of running a “proper” blog, and I’ve come down to PyBlosxom or WordPress. In either case, I’ll get my own hosting for it.

Advantages of PyBlosxom over WordPress:

  • Keeps entries in text files. I fear databases.
  • Seems to have a better security record than WordPress.
  • In Python, so hackable and I’d feel I’d have some hope of understanding what it’s doing (WordPress is in PHP).

Advantages of WordPress over PyBlosxom:

  • Very active developer community, so lots of nice plugins. (PyBlosxom isn’t abandoned but doesn’t have so many people working on it).
  • More themes, some of which are pretty (PyBlosxom has a few themes in their repository, none of which are that pretty).

Anyone who’s used either of those care to comment?

3 Comments on "Abandon LiveJournal! WordPress or Pyblosxom?"

  1. WordPress is generally easier to get hosted, although you need to install the caching plugins if you intend to have more than about five hits per week. We’ve several customers who’ve been slashdotted with wordpress sites, the most recent wasn’t using a caching plugin, the full on slashdot of a simple site with virtually no plugins ate roughly 6 fast cpus and 16GB of RAM – handily the host was fast enough to cope.

    Another site using wordpress and a simple wp-cache was featured on the front page of google news, the dual core 2GB server that hosted it basically ground to a halt, although since then we’ve more aggressively tuned the caching and massively upped the number of apache threads so hopefully it’ll cope if it recurs.


  2. I use pyblosxom for my blog. I use it in static mode, and upload the pages it generates. I have my own home-grown commenting system. I haven’t done anything with pyblosxom, other than running it every now and then, for ages. I haven’t hacked on it at all, I don’t think.

    I have no experience of WordPress.


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