“Frogs” or “Bigots never foster”

As spokesfrog for the Melanesian Frog Worshippers’ Legal Centre, I am offended by the statements of Canon Dr Sugden, of the Fellowship of Mainstream Confessing Anglican Christians (Except If You’re Gay), as reported in the Telegraph.

We of the MFWLC object to the increasing marginalisation of frog worship in this country. If this sort of thing continues, we will have no alternative but to embark on series of fruitless lawsuits backed by suspiciously friendly articles in the Daily Mail. This is bound to increase the public’s dwindling respect for our faith.

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  1. I’m intrigued by this “Melanesian frog worship” referred to by Canon Dr Chris Sugden. I know that it’s hard to imagine that such a reverend person would make a casually racist remark, but on the other hand I can’t find anything about such a religion. Melanesians have a variety of religions (including Christianity and cargo cults), but as far as I can discover the aboriginal religions were largely based on veneration of the spirits of dead ancestors, not frogs. Melanesia is a vast and culturally diverse region, though, and perhaps Canon Dr Sugden has specialist knowledge.


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