Clive put endings on stuff, so I’ve added the three alemanas to the rumba and something called the Whirligig in tango to last week’s stuff, including a link to another one of those instructive videos where the commentator is clearly a bit too into the lady.

This week <lj-cut text=”More waltz from Clive, foxtrot from Bruce”>there was more waltz from Clive and foxtrot from Bruce.

Ballroom and Latin C – Waltz

Running spin turn (end in PP facing diag centre, woman doesn’t brush, apparently)
Whiplash: through R, side L without weight turning sharply to closed position. (1, 2, wait).
Straighten right knee, drawing LF in to stand on it (1 bar)
Lower into left knee, extending right leg (1 bar)
Transfer weight to RF (fallaway), ronde LF behind right, slip RF behind right and pivot to face diag centre (1,2,3).
Double reverse wing: for man, like double reverse spin but continue to turn body to lead her to wing rather than cross. (1,2,3 for us)
Chasse to right.
Outside spin.
Turning lock.

Dancesport Modern B – Foxtrot

Open telemark,
Curved feather, SQQ, finishing outside partner on RF, sway to right
Heel pull – back L, rotate half a turn on left heel dragging right heel with it, transferring weight to right heel at the end (QQ), sway to L, I think.
Last two steps of curved feather again (QQ), finishing OP again, sway to R.
Reverse wave (there’s a lot to this, so here’s what I think it looks like, but I’m probably wrong): back L with right shoulder back (S), she steps outside you, back R dragging heel (Q), still outside, rising, back L, top of rise. Lower and pull toe of RF past LF and step back R (S), rotating so lady in line, back L (Q), back R (Q), lower and take toe of LF past RF and step back L with right shoulder back to repeat. The woman’s doing something a bit like the man’s feather and 3 step while this is going on.

Top tips: don’t be backweighted on the reverse wave: push the feet back from the body, almost feel like you’re leaning over her.

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