LJ: not dead yet

LiveJournal/our Russian overlords have laid off 13 of 30 staff in the USA.

Valleywag has an “LJ is doomed” story with inaccurate numbers. It looks like no_lj_ads is collating links to other information.

synecdochic (who is involved in the Dreamwidth project, designed as an LJ replacement) reckons nothing dramatic will happen overnight, but engineering staff have apparently been cut, so we might expect maintenance and new features to be neglected. Edited to add: LJ themselves are saying they’re just moving their development team to Russia, which would make sense if your aim is to cut costs: Russians are presumably cheaper than Americans.

The preferred LJ backup tool for Windows is apparently ljarchive. Those of you who use operating systems can sort yourselves out.

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  1. Cheers for the links and explanation – glad to hear the numbers were out. But, as ljdump looks techier than I think I can handle, off I go to my old Windows box to back up…


    1. ljdump is definitely for people who like mucking around in Terminal. Xjournal had a backup feature last time I tried it, and has a graphical interface (it’s actually for posting entries to LJ, but a lot of these LJ client programs have a download feature).


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