Catholics, Know Your Limits

or Bishops Gone Wild III (the first two parts being the statement that gays cause floods and Rowan Williams’s unexpected advocacy of the ideas of Heinlein).

According to the Torygraph, Patrick O’Donoghue, the Catholic Bishop of Lancaster, has said that educated Catholics have let the side down. It seems influential graduate Catholics in politics and the media have been tainted by the dark side of university education, which he helpfully lists as “radical scepticism, positivism, utilitarianism and relativism” (dialectical materialism’s good enough for meeeee).

The Bishop has produced a report aiming to make Catholics “better-equipped to challenge the erroneous thinking of their contemporaries”. I’d suggest a series of informational films, starting with Catholics, Know Your Limits, which would be a bit like this classic, but adapted for the problem at hand, so:

VOICEOVER: Look at this wretched unfortunate. He went to university. Hard to believe he’s under 25. Yes, over-education leads to ugliness, radical scepticism, positivism, utilitarianism, relativism and people mistakenly thinking they can live happy and productive lives without God.

UNFORTUNATE: Feck! Girls! Drink! etc.

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  1. It seems like the Catholics aren’t the only ones who worry about education.

    This chap talks about an evangelical ‘brain drain’ and says:

    “It is no secret that at the highest intellectual level, Evangelicals tend in large numbers to convert to mainline Protestantism, Catholicism, or Eastern Orthodoxy (or, indeed, to secularism).”

    I wonder whether education actually pushes people in a particular direction, or whether it just opens the mind to more possibilities?


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