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Bruce’s Cha

  • New Yorks
  • Fast New Yorks; 2&3 4&1
  • LF cuban breaks to right keeping RF planted; 2&3&4&1
  • Start of New York stepping through to right with LF, replace while ronde LF round to side, LF behind RF, small side RF, side LF; 2 3 4&1
  • RF behind, LF forward turning R, locks towards partner (she does alamana and ends up on your RHS)
  • Forward LF leading her to step back and open out, replace, side, close, side (she cha-cha’s to her R or locks forward if she’s at right angles (I think Bruce preferred the latter) moving with you)
  • Back basic, giving her a little push on first step so she continues past you into fan.
  • Forward basic leading the hockey stick ending from fan.
  • Tiny back basic (RF behind heel of LF), cha-cha forward, following her.
  • Forward LF, replace, side, close, side, bringing her in for top.
  • Top, on 1 lead her to spiral clockwise into rope spin.
  • Small side to L, replace, cha-cha on the spot.
  • Back, replace, cha-cha forward to meet her as she finishes walking around, ending with her on your RHS again.
  • Forward L and open her out again, cha-cha-cha to left. On 1, lead her to spiral anticlockwise
  • Behind and back R, back L, back, lock, back (aida)
  • Side L turning to face each other, replace R facing away again, step lock step back up the room,
  • Huge spot turn: swivel inward to face up the room, RF passes standing foot and ends up pointing up the room as you step onto it, continue turn stepping on to LF facing down the room, cha-cha-cha R,L,R.

I’ve a vague feeling I missed bit, as I have memories of rope spins, but someone else might remember. Edited to add: on the end of the top, now fixed.

Paul W (the other one), pp. Clive, waltz

  • Starting facing down LoD, weight on LF, step over onto RF taking a bar over it, leaving LF free.
  • Travelling contra-check: Forward L, forward R bringing left shoulder forward to start rotating into PP, forward L in PP.
  • The Step With No Name: Forward R on heel, forward L (on ball?) staying down rotating to more closed position, forward R heel-toe, forward L rising into PP again (this is fiddly and I’m not sure of the position changes). 1&2 3
  • Chasse to L, ending with a toe pivot on LF to face centre, keeping head to the left.
  • One of those sway things: Push her left leg to side with your right knee extending RF to side without weight, bring weight over it (“balls over your balls” © Bruce), bring upper body ending with head further over it (ie sway to R) and turn head to right. 1, 2, 3, roughly.
  • Recover onto LF, close RF and rise, side LF in PP, diag to centre (the next bit is the short side)
  • Weave: forward, forward, side, back, back, side (across short side, ending diag wall into corner)
  • First 3 steps of natural turn (to R), forward, side, close
  • Pivot turn: back LF, pivot onto RF as if to spin turn, but step forward L along new LoD, rising into PP.
  • Chair and slip pivot.
  • Your LF is now free and you can go back to the start.

Hard bits here: change of position PP to more closed to PP in The Step With No Name, as it’s also a timing change which confuses my addled brain.

Also, the toe pivot to get into position for the sway is hard: we’re supposed to take our time getting into it, but the previous chasse has momentum, even after pivoting I want to shoot my right leg out to the side straight away (partly to keep my balance).

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