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Reggie‘s doing this, so I thought I would, mostly as an aid to my memory. <lj-cut text=”You don’t care about this if you’re not a dancer”>Your comments on what I’ve got wrong are most welcome, any errors are of course mine and not the teacher’s:

Paul’s waltz (that’s the other PaulW, not me).

Starts on LF, facing diag. wall:
Traveling contra-check
Curved feather to right
Outside spin
Turning lock
Chair and slip pivot (can use this to take the corner if you’re at the end of a side)
Double reverse spin
Chasse to right
Weave ending

Bruce’s rumba

Alamana into sliding doors (man steps back, side forward around lady)
Sliding doors twice, ending in hold with lady on man’s right, man’s weight on RF, LF trailing.
Lady’s leg over (probably not the official name for this): 2: man LF forward leading lady to step back and open out again as if to to another sliding door but with hold, slide right arm as far around her as it’ll go so you can hold on tight for the next bit, 3: replace and lead her to step forward, she hooks her right leg around man’s waist remaining on his RHS (not in front of him), standing on her LF. 4,1: lunge into left leg, right leg straight, lift right hip towards her for support. 2: recover onto RF rotating upper body right which gets her off you and leads her to ronde her RF behind her (4,1 and 2 should be a bounce, don’t settle into it or it’s hard to get her moving again, no offence lauralaitaine).
(Not sure of timing for this bit, maybe he’ll go over it again) 3: no step, 4: let go with RH, single hand hold with LH, LF forward turning 180 degrees, ronde RF behind LF for 1,2, plant RF on 3, AND LF forward, 4 RF forward to meet lady coming back towards you having done something completely different, I know not what.
Hip twist, fan.

Bruce’s stuff with fall away in waltz

Starts on LF diag to centre (e.g. having done spin turn and natural turn ending):
1&2 LF forward, RF forward turning hips to centre, LF back in what I think you people call CBM, head backing LoD, hips to centre.
Weave ending: rise at end of 2 (on the “oo” of 2 :-), 3: RF back still in CBM and lower. 1,2,3, 1,2,3: LF back and weave.
Pivot ending: rise at end of 2, 3: slip RF back tracking past LF and turn right toe in, straightening up so you’re together backing LoD before pivoting onto 1: LF forward down LoD, 2&3 chasse to right, do what you like after that (weave ending, probably).

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    1. Still need to sort all that ronde business out, it feels very wobbly for me (or maybe find an easier exit from the leg over thing).


  1. lauralaitaine was bouncing about the rumba when she got in and said how nice you were to dance with for it. 🙂

    1&2 LF forward, RF forward turning hips to centre, LF back in what I think you people call CBM, head backing LoD, hips to centre

    You’ve not specified; I’m assuming that this is to centre with the fallaway beginning at the start of the next bar? I can picture virtually everything else you’ve written, just this entry isn’t very clear.

    Alternative ending if running out of space: 1&2 3 to be done with slip pivot ending as above, running finish (1&2 3) down LOD, double reverse spin diag corner, contracheck to wall. Then either:
    Slip pivot into either a lock to have you facing new diag centre; or
    Slip pivot into promenade both facing new diag centre; or
    Pivot sequence 🙂


    1. The LF back part is the fallaway, so it’s back along LoD, I guess (I’m not going to stand up in my office and try it!) with the head facing the oncoming traffic. The woman’s in fallaway at that point, hence the gathering her up on 3 in the pivot variation so she’s back with the man and they pivot together.


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