4 thoughts on “The sacred cows have come home to roost

  1. I think the gloating thing is a bit tasteless, TBH. The government killing sick pets is sometimes necessary but fairly grim. I admit I’m influenced due to disliking DST.

    1. The Trots have a thing about giving special privileges to religion, as well as a thing about threats from religious groups. I’m right alongside them on those things, although I’m pretty sure we should have kept out of Iraq. I’m not sure what “the nightmare” for the Welsh Assembly might be, and given the non-violence of the community, I guess that’s not what they’re threatening.

      1. I’d agree about not giving special privileges to religion; I’d treat this case as I’d treat the case of any pet animal. I feel that the DST would happily treat religious convictions as less valid than other matters of personal ethics and conscience, though, rather than (as I would prefer) as a peculiar subset of it.

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