Partially fused with infinity

So, I have found some more Christians to argue with on the Internet. Mattghg and I are talking about naturalism and what it can and cannot do. Mattghg is a Christian who argues that naturalism cannot explain some things. I’m a tentative naturalist who isn’t sure that he’s right. Another commenter mentioned Alvin Plantinga’s response to Dawkins, so we’re also talking about whether God would be complex.

I’m pleased that I’ve managed to refer to Penny Arcade in support of my position, a tactic I’d like to christen argumentum ad Fruit Fucker (link from a series of strips which contains zombies, since they’re apparently in fashion today).

Matt’s written a lengthy response to my original comment, which I hope to have time to address over the next couple of days.

3 thoughts on “Partially fused with infinity

  1. Did you see Mattghg’s post [] suggesting that atheists are unable to justify why people should have human rights?

    1. I didn’t see the one where Matt claimed people have rights.

      Is that the post where Matt said God could kill anybody at any time for any reason he wished?

      Presumably God can’t do that, because people have rights.

      So why does God order so many massacres in the Old Testmant?

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