Christmas and New Year

Happy New Year to you all. December was busy. We visited my family in Yorkshire, saw gjm11, Mrs gjm11 and the new sprog, went to the CDC Christmas Dinner Dance, and to Safi and Mike’s wedding. We had 9 people over to ours on Christmas Day, and I spent New Year showing people how to tie a bow-tie.

<lj-cut>The Christmas Dinner Dance was fun. As well as the ex-student hangers-on like me, there was a contingent of people who I’d guess were about my parents’ age. It’s always nice to see the old people enjoying themselves 🙂 Wolfson did good food and there were plenty of people to dance with. unoriginal1729 took some pictures, but I’ve not seen them yet: did any of them come out?

The wedding was lovely. Always nice to see the bride make the “obey” vow: the old ways are the best, I’ve never seen the point of this picking and choosing from the Bible you get these days. There was a ceilidh during which I managed to fall over on scribb1e (the basket is a dangerous ceilidh move) but she didn’t break.

scribb1e volunteered to cook Christmas dinner this year, for 9 people (my parents, her parents, her grandmother and my sister and brother-in-law). I helped by peeling several kilograms of vegetables and by getting out of the way. The turkey was called Sidney, apparently, and he tasted very nice, although the cook herself refused to sample him. scribb1e got me Sam Harris’s The End of Faith, among other things, so expect a review of that at some point. We had a sing-song around the piano in the evening, which made a change from watching whatever tat they’d put on TV.

Between Christmas and New Year, I mostly sat on the sofa and ate After-8’s while reading Robin Lane Fox’s The Unauthorized Version, which is a classical historian’s take on the Bible. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in Biblical texts. A fuller review might follow at some point.

gjm11 had an open house, at which there was an impromptu meeting of the LiveWires ex-Christians society in the kitchen. I don’t know what they put in the water at LiveWires: if I did, I could extract it and sell it to Dawkins or Harris.

I was at a James Bond themed party on New Year’s Eve. I was the only man present wearing a real bow-tie, so demonstrations of how to tie it became a party-piece. Sadly, it looked better on the girls than me. Alas, the blokes’ demands for the girls in the full bunny-girl outfit went unheeded. I have vague, now suppressed, memories of cha-cha’ing with dab13, but luckily there are no photos of that.

Back to work tomorrow.

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  1. I’m not sure whether I get to join that society or not — according to me, I’m still a Christian, but according to my now-ex vicar, I’m not, of course. Do I get honorary membership or something?

    I suspect you look better in a bow tie than in a bunny-girl outfit, even if the girls stole your bow tie.


    1. Obviously you’re still a Christian (unless there’s a whole lot you haven’t told me). I’m not sure the thankfully-ex vicar thinks otherwise, but if he does he’s off his head. But as far as I’m concerned you’re welcome to any meeting of the Society :-).


  2. I have vague, now suppressed, memories of cha-cha’ing with dab13, but luckily there are no photos of that.

    And the world is the poorer for it. Are you sure there are no photos, I would like to giggle at them see them.


    1. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any. Bluap didn’t seem to want to oblige, and my lens was too long to capture the moment. I think I’ve got a photo of pw201 whilst dancing with dab13, but since dab13 is not in the picture it doesn’t really work! That said, it does offer a little amusement value on its own…

      And yes, I have a large backlog of images going back to before the dinner dance, and an even larger lack of motivation to actually do something with them. (Mainly because they’re not very good – the dinner dance was particularly disappointing and I can’t work out why.) Maybe I’ll get round to doing something this evening.


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