Irresistable forces

Mindful of the recent LJ drama about breastfeeding icons, I propose we take LiveJournal’s codebase (which is open source) and start a site where it is compulsory to display breasts in your default icon. That’ll show the Patriarchy! Start using those tools to back up your livejournal now, because will be live soon.

Another controversial LJ Abuse policy which people are complaining about is that LJ don’t care about comments made in journals which are actually RSS feeds of blogs off-site, because no-one owns the journal. There’s one LJ user whose life’s purpose appears to be to post the word “BOOBIES!!” as a comment to every single entry on popular feeds. apod, a feed of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, also has the_duke, who always posts “I’ve been there” in response to all the pretty pictures of galaxies and suchlike. The other day, he got the best reply evar.

It would be possible to adapt the web 2.0 technologyTM used by my LJ New Comments script so that you could killfile comments from particular users, I suppose, but I think there’s little motivation to do so while the trolls’ immaturity is less objectionable than the complainants’ huge sense of entitlement.

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