Fun with Firefox

Just uploaded another version of the LJ New Comments script. This one never displays negative numbers of new comments (“-3 new”) next to your friends’ entries. I also noticed that Firefox was getting fat and slow after much LJ browsing. Turns out that Firefox leaks memory like a sieve when you do the thing that the script does to let you click from one new comment to the next. This is Firefox’s fault, but luckily a way to get around this was discussed on the Greasemonkey mailing list recently. So I did that. All seems well so far. FF1.5 is so leaky that it’ll probably get fat for some other reason, but with the amount of LJ I read I’ve probably helped myself a bit.

It occurs to me that the same sort of tricks LJ New Comments uses to find comments could probably also be used to make a version of the LJ Thread Unfolder which worked with more than just the default comment style. I might do that if I get around to it.

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