Peridontal atrium

The LJ New Comments script now copes better with the bewildering variety of journal styles that are out there. I also stopped it from giving up in disgust if a style allows it to see the comments but doesn’t provide a permanent link to each comment, as the “n” and “p” keys will still work in these styles (q.v. peacerose‘s journal, for example).

I’m now using scrollIntoView to move each new comment to the top as you click or press keys, so you don’t get a new history entry for each comment you visit (I was annoyed with having to hit the “Back” button multiple times to leave the entry). The docs for Greasemonkey allege that scrollIntoView doesn’t work within Greasemonkey unless you do special stuff, but I seem to be getting away with it. Possibly I’ve broken the script for people not using Firefox 1.5, but such people need to feel the white heat of technology, anyway.

Ph34r my sk1llz!

ETA: Except that I broke it again trying to make it handle all the extra ways of denoting comments. v0.4, now on the site, seems to be working.

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    1. That style has none of the markers that the script looks for when trying to identify comments on a page, so there’s no way for it to determine that there are comments on that page at all (as opposed to peacerose‘s journal, which does have the markers but doesn’t have a place for it to put the “New” link, so the “n” and “p” keys still work on her LJ).

      As I mentioned in the earlier entry about the script, I’m not going to make the script work with everyone’s customised style, although I am interested in the standard styles. The best thing to do about that page is view it in a style which does work with the script, by appending “?style=mine” (for your own journal’s style) or similar to the URL. There’s a GM script which will do this for you.


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