Anticipation Of A New Lover’s Arrival, The

A fun weekend, full of late nights. On Friday, I joined scribb1e, bluap and a host of other potential villains at a murder mystery party. My character was Willie Wakeup, a German hypnotist, so was able to do my Gag Halfrunt impersonation. After bluap and I had used our Holmesian powers of deduction to correctly identify the murderer, people started swapping costumes, transforming David B into a French colonel figure. What do you think of this as a potential user icon?

chaos_natsci had a birthday party on Saturday, with lots of lovely food and interesting people. scribb1e, illusive_shelle and joanneelizabeth got started on reproducing the famous CDC Snog Graph. Note that the image enhancing technology that would enable you to read the graph from that picture only exists in films, so stop trying to zoom in using Microsoft Paint: the original is now in the hands of scribb1e, who is bound by the Hippocratic Oath, or something. There’s the suggestion that we should replace the nodes with blue or pink dots and then use it as a publicity poster. I think we slightly surprised the onlookers, who had thought that CDC was some sort of dancing club.

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