Reformed Nice Guy

robhu, suzn and I are talking about whether evangelical Christian women are nicer than atheists. Guess where I stand? 😉 suzn mentions some interesting stuff about expectations and co-dependency.

Jacqueline Passey writes about what it’s like to be a woman and why men should care. In the comments, the “Women only like bastards, Nice Guys finish last” thing comes up, as it does in the other discussion. I can’t think of a truer commentary than the one at Heartless Bitches: it’s uncomfortable because I recognise my younger self in their descriptions of the hopeless sort of Nice Guy. While there are women with self-destructive tendencies out there, they’re not all actively looking for someone who will hurt them.

Anyone use Bloglines as an RSS reader? They seem to have forgotten about my account, but I can’t tell whether they’d lost everyone’s or just mine. I could create a friends group for RSS feeds and use LJ for reading them instead, but I like the interface at Bloglines better.

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