A is A

sumanah liked the Satanist joke in the last entry, so I thought I’d mention revdj‘s quote: “Satanists are Libertarians who realized that they were not going to get sex by quoting Ayn Rand to women in their twenties.”

Everyone loves Ayn Rand, of course, but I can see his point. It occurs to me that someone could do a Forum 2000 clone on LJ by creating appropriately named accounts. Unfortunately, both aynrand and ayn_rand already exist, and in any case, you just can’t get the bored CMU grad students these days.

4 thoughts on “A is A

  1. So did you find any Satannic evangelists (sic) for me to compete with for your attention?

    More to the point what sort of competition were you thinking of: chess? fiddling? poker? Erm, ballroom dancing? 😉 Or just plain old rational discourse?

    1. Is a Satanic Evangelist a bit like a Satanic Mechanic, only with fewer tools?

      I’d be a Satanic Evangelist if I weren’t too bust being a Theravada Buddhist.

      1. So….what is a Theravada Buddhist? (More interested in how it affects your life, rather than the metaphysical framework)

        My brief wanderings round the internet seem to suggest that being “skillful” is a big part of it, but I’m not too sure what that means!

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