Ravished By The Sheer Implausibility Of That Last Statement

robhu made an entry about visiting an evangelical church, which lead us into a discussion about the implicit assumptions of evangelical Christianity, and just what the word “Biblical” means. It sort of follows on from cathedral_life‘s observation that evangelicalism seems to be more about a philosophical theory (an epistemology, I’d say) than about discipleship (see what large words I use as I type this entry with my own hands!)

Meanwhile, over on rec.arts.sf.written, there is a huge crossposted thread about Philip Pullman. This included a posting from an ex-Christian, about the difference between the personal God “who helps grandmothers find their car keys” and the God-of-the-Philosophers who is unreachable and unknowable. More specifically, about how some Christian apologetic arguments switch between one and the other when it’s convenient. Good examination of a tendency I’d not thought of before, but recognised when it was described.

I must also recommend livredor‘s answer to shreena‘s question on whether livredor has ever doubted her Judaism. Interesting stuff.

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