Youthful Indiscretion

AD&D is 30! Rejoice and be glad. Slashdotters’ comments on the story predictably revolve around how little sex AD&D players (or other geeks) get. This is reverse psychology applied to the universe at large: if the Slashdotters make enough jokes about it, the universe will feel compelled to prove them wrong. Or so they hope.

Among the votive offerings to an uncaring universe, there appeared RPG player staples like Eric and the Dread Gazebo and The Dead Alewives sketch. I’d like to add The Lord of the Rings: The RPG to the list.

Darque Dungeon (spot the LJ Goth references) is a parody of Jack Chick’s Dark Dungeons, a Chick strip in which the best part is Mike praying for her… That’s Christian for “I’d like to be buried with you [shurely “in you” – Ed.]. Up to the balls”. It’s funny, because you know it’s true.

While we’re on Chick, it seems he lawyered the original site of Cthulhu Chick, a parody of Chick’s The Choice. Luckily, Eric S Raymond has a copy. Chick vs ESR! Fetch the popcorn. Fetch the precedents cited by Brad Templeton. And remember: ESR has guns. Lots of guns.

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