Injury Time

I am sick, although I’m getting better. Possibly I was brought low by a moody pistaccio nut at PaulB’s board games thing on Sunday, or possibly I caught whatever S has had recently (although the effects seem to have been more spectacularly gastrointestinal in my case). Today I am moving about slowly, eating digestive biscuits and soup, and geeking out.

My web wanderings turned up Corey Doctorow’s notes on Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks, a talk at some uber-geek conference or other, given by Danny O’Brien of NTK notoriety. Nice quote from Python BDFL Guido van Rossum: “My 10-line python scripts are just like everyone else’s except I wrote a script to interpret them.”

I must be on track to becoming an Alpha Geek, because I have a TODO.txt file myself (actually, it’s just called TODO, putting me a cut above you Windows-using geeks).

Interesting statistic from bradfitz, too: 8 LiveJournal entries every 10 minutes are private, that is, locked to the poster only. Who’s posting these? What sorts of things are you writing in them?

In other news, Paul Vixie wrote a message to the DCC mailing list which nicely summarises my attitude to NTL (he’s actually writing about RoadRunner’s spamming problems, but NTL’s reliability problems with mail and news seem to have a similar solution).

4 thoughts on “Injury Time”

  1. I sometimes use private entries – mostly for when I’m halfway through an entry and want to save it. Sometimes, I use it instead of e-mailing something to myself too.

    1. That makes sense. I tend to edit stuff externally and post using a client, so I don’t do that. I see terriem also has a separate journal for literary experiments, which is another thing I thought people might use it for.

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