What Are The Civilian Applications?

Boingboing contains some interesting stuff today. There’s an article defending Ikea against that Fight Club scene: “If your life is mediocre, I promise you, Ingvar Kamprad didn’t make it that way”.

Spammers are apparently getting other people to solve captchas, the little puzzles you have to do to get free email or LiveJournal accounts, using the lure of free porn. There must be other ways we can harness the pornotropic lusers on the Internet for good rather than ill, in a human parallel to distributed computing efforts like SETI at Home.

Meanwhile, the author of the DeCSS Haiku is unmasked, and says “I set myself a strict rule against using hexadecimal constants, because they seemed unpoetic.” My own slim volume, entitled unsigned long letters;, will be available soon.

It’s snowed here. There may be pictures later.

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