Wisdom Like Silence

Apparently, I never write about what I’ve been up to. So:

My week off between Christmas and New Year was quite relaxing, apart from when we decided to go to Ikea during the sales. Ikea’s desire to guide the mooing herds along their pre-determined paths is always a little unnerving to me. I keep expecting to round the corner and face the rotating knives. Anyway, I’m now further along in my mission to make the front room look like that bit out of Fight Club. It’s good to have some time off without having to go anywhere in particular.

I spent New Year’s Eve at Dr Liz’s, which was fun. We seem to have split the party this year, but it’s also nice to meet new people.

The AD&D game resumed last night after about 6 months in abeyance because there was no time when we were all free. I expect the next one will be sometime in the next Easter Vac, given that the tides of our lives are still coupled to the University’s cycle. jwz mentioned an interesting expansion set for AD&D (you cannot use an Unseen Servant for erotic purposes: who knew?). But there was none of that. Zombies in sewers were the order of the day.

Tonight I’m off dancing.

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  1. Hi Paul!

    I just stumbled over you in the challenging_god community and found that we share the same thoughts on many aspects. I just visited your site with the writings regarding religion and I’m fond of them. I also read the Greg Egan book you mentioned, though one of his others, “Permutation City”, I liked more, though I’m beginning to see how “Distress” complements PC.

    I’m also wrestling with God and religion, tried to be a christian once but stepped out of it again, majorly because of feelings and because I found that I can do better on my own.

    I’m also a roleplayer, though majorly alone or online, never found a pen & paper group in my city.

    Thanks for being there and wish you a good 2004.

    – np


    1. Glad you like the writings. I find challenging_god an interesting community, although I’ve not been reading it for long.

      It’s funny to think that I probably spend as much time thinking about religious things now as I ever did when I was a Christian. Wrestling with these questions is not easy, but I hope to come out with something worthwhile at the end of it. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the ride.


      1. Yeah, I also think much about religion. It’s like a black hole, little in size but heavy and dense, and it’s got pretty high gravity. No wonder religion is such a major factor in the lifes of people.

        What I’ve found out that when you leave religion you basically get freedom. I think one has to find ways then how to deal with that freedom, to make life pleasant and fulfilling.


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