I’m now a paid user

I’ve become a paid user of LiveJournal. As well as making me feel good about contributing to the upkeep of the place, this means that the RSS feed now contains the entire entry. As I can control the DNS for noctua.org.uk, that also means I can do:

blog.noctua.org.uk. 68048 IN CNAME livejournal.com.

so that http://blog.noctua.org.uk/ becomes an alias for my LiveJournal. That’s not very useful for existing LJers, as you won’t see friends only stuff even if you’ve logged in. But the URL is shorter, and it provides some sort of future proofing (not that I’m thinking of leaving LJ, of course).

It looks like there are many other exciting things one can do as a paid user. New toy!

3 Comments on "I’m now a paid user"

    1. Subject: Re: evidently I am a LiveJournal
      You are not ready for LiveJournal.

      Actually, LJ doesn’t like the entry entitled “Atticus Masquerades As A Bolivian”, because it has some weird characters in it which I think are meant to be quotation marks. I blame Unicode. And Bill Gates.


      1. Subject: Re: evidently I am a LiveJournal
        Thanks! I will have to be even more careful abut that sort of thing. Did you know that & reg ; is “registered trademark”?


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