What I’ve been up to

I went to the CDC Ball on Thursday. It was fun, as ever, seeing the usual crowd and also some people who come out of the woodwork especially for these things. A and S-who-is-not-S, a couple of Drogon people, have started dancing. Worlds colliding…

I had the day off to recover on Friday, so I went into town and picked up some Christmas presents. I also found a book about the origins of apocalyptic thought in religion, so I will let you know what that has to say once it has reached the front of the reading queue. Currently that place is occupied by Dr Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation, being “The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex”. S-who-is-S told me she’d seen it filed under Sex Advice rather than Evolutionary Biology in some bookshops, which might lead to some decapitated boyfriends being found about the place. The book is good fun and informative to boot.

CUWoCs once had a write up of the society in the CUSU handbook which said something like “Cthulhu worshippers believe that Cthulhu will one day return and execute horrible torture upon unbelievers. The difference between us and other major religions is that we don’t attempt to claim that this is a good or moral activity”. With that in mind, here’s an excellent Cthulhu spoof Chick Tract (it helps if you’ve seen the comics of which it’s a spoof, I suppose).

Today I’ve been up to Yorkshire to visit the relatives. I’m absolutely stuffed with food after the first of many turkey dinners. And so I retire, replete.

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