Men Who Use Computers Are the New Sex Symbols

Via Cogito, Ergo Sumana comes advice from Salon’s relationships guru (go for their “free day pass” to read it), directed at a woman who is tired of blokes not saying what they mean. In his response, the woman is advised to date an engineer. This is an excellent plan, as Scott Adams well knew. The problem is that we engineers can be a little too honest for some people: but still, for that reader, it sounds like the columnist gave the right advice.

Dancing last night was ridiculously hot. I brought a change of shirt for going to the pub afterwards, which was lucky as the other one was wringing wet by the end of it. Yuck. I think I’ve just about mastered the new jive and waltz bits now.

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      1. I so walked into that, didn’t I?

        (No, I don’t have an identical twin sister. And if I did, she would absolutely kill me if I tried to pimp her…)


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