Had a bit of a quiet week last week, but a fairly busy weekend. Made it to GD on Friday for the first time in weeks. I enjoyed myself, although it was a bit quiet, with many regulars absent. Had dinner at pbolchover‘s on Saturday, and had a bit of a gossip. Don’t think I gave anything away I shouldn’t have 🙂

terriem took me to lunch today, at the tapas place on Bridge Street. The food was good, better than the Bun Shop’s tapas, I think. Terrie was treated to me ranting about my ex, but dealt with this with good grace. We wandered around town a bit and looked at books and so on. Decided that a MUD based on concepts of heaven and hell would be a cool thing. I ought to find a working MUD server thingy or write one. Borrowed a few books and left Terrie to make a start on her purchases. Came home and watched “24”, because I’m addicted.

That’s about it. And so to bed.

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